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Write for Us. Saaspromarketing.com seeks writers with in-depth knowledge of SaaS market dynamics, trends, and innovations within this business industry. If you have writing skills, we welcome submissions on our blog post page; however, we specifically value pieces related to SaaS themes.

Write for SaaS & B2B

SaaSProMarketing is delighted to inform you that we welcome B2B SaaS Businesses, SaaS Startups, and B2C or B2B Businesses looking to market SaaS-related services or products on our Write for Us page. Pitch us your details, and we will reach out shortly afterwards with follow-up questions or requests.

Write for Marketing Resources & Software Reviews

Finding accurate marketing resources and software reviews can be challenging, so we applaud those who do their research and write in these niches. Our Write for Us page outlines everything needed for submitting blogs, articles, and Guest Posts related to either niche—follow those instructions to have your content featured!

Guidelines To Follow When You Are Writing For Us

Content Types: If you want press releases, product reviews, and promotional posts published, you first need to tell us clearly and send an email to the editor, who will guide you accordingly.

Hyperlinks: As a contributor to the SaaSProMarketing blog, we request that you include links to your article on your blog and other websites to enhance SEO.

Links: Your bio will include a do-follow link to your website. This is our way of supporting your brand.

Extent/Length: Each article that you want to get published must meet a word count of at least 1200-1500 to uphold the blog’s integrity and enhance SEO performance.

Author Bio: Always include your author bio and a headshot as attachments. We attach them to the article to appreciate the writers’ efforts.

Submission: You can submit your piece of writing as a Word Document or Google Doc. Share your content using this email address (). We will publish it or share feedback about your submittal.

Advertisements: If you would like to advertise on the blog on the SaaSProMarketing blog, kindly send an email to the editor for the rates.

Grammarly – Spell-check your content before submitting.

HemingwayApp—Use this app to find the Grade level of your article. We don’t accept articles with more than 7 grades.

Promote: Do not promote or link to our competitors (except their blogs when necessary).

We are eagerly waiting for your response in the form of blogs, articles, press releases, and guest posts!


Contact Us

At Our Content Is King, we are always looking for talented writers to contribute content. There are various opportunities to become an author with us—please don’t hesitate to Get in touch if you would like any additional details on this opportunity or would like to contribute a guest article; our contact channels would love to receive any questions and expressions of interest!

Email address: saaspromarketing@gmail.com

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